The Savvy Manifesto
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Guild Manifesto

For Savvy, on Moon Guard (alliance)

Savvy was formed by Amithist and many of her friends from Ultima Online/Lake Superior, where she had led the widely respected and admired "Guardians of Destiny" guild, as Illyaina, for many years. She initially formed Savvy so that she and her friends would not have to deal with others continually throwing up guild charters for them to sign.


Savvy reflects largely upon Amithist's preferences in style of play. She enjoys role-play but does not enforce an exclusively "in-character" style of guild chat. She enjoys helping others but absolutely despises being imposed upon. She encourages individual accomplishment, especially while young, while believing that play in groups must be unified and cohesive.


You choose what you do. You also let others choose what they do. None have any claim on others. Make requests, not impositions.


Do not make life unpleasant for others.


When playing in a group, play together. Do not hare off by yourself, or abandon others in a fight. If you need to sell, repair, or train, say so before doing so, and see if others are also close to needing to do so.

Be advised that when group members are on the same quest which requires that specific items be looted, any corpse killed by the group can be looted by all on the quest if it has the quest item on it. Communicate and ensure that turns are taken looting.


Savvy is not particularly structured or organized. There is no heirarchy in which to rise. It is much more like a family than a company or military unit, bound together by friendship and affection. Amithist acts as a benevolent despot rather than a legislator. Rather than limiting herself to rigid rules, rigidly interpreted, she avails herself of logic, reason, intuition, and creative thinking in dealing with issues arising within the guild.

Savvy does not currently have organized raids or instance expeditions. Anyone who wishes to volunteer should ask Amithist.

Amithist's Characters

Amithist (skinner and miner); Merlana (enchanter and tailor); Uki (skinner and leatherworker); Illyaina (herbalist and alchemist); Savoya (miner and blacksmith); Baliveda (miner and engineer).

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