The Earthdawn Advance Purchase Table
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The Earthdawn Advancement Table

This table shows the cost for purchasing talent advancements and circle training in Earthdawn. Circle training takes a week and is paid for with silver pieces, but all other advances are paid for with Legend Points. The cost for advancing talents is higher, the higher circle they are gained in. In order to advance in circle, you must have three more talents than the circle you want, that are ranked as high as the circle you wish to gain, and at least one of those talents must be of the circle below that.

So, for example, if you wish to gain fifth circle, you must have eight talents ranked 5, and one must be a 4th circle talent. You must also pay for training, and this cost is based upon the circle of your trainer, not the circle you are training to reach. Circle advancement training is also the only time you can buy talent knacks. Each knack you train for adds 10% to the normal cost of circle advancement. The legend point cost for a knack is equal to the first rank for that talent, but is doubled for any talent knacks you develop on your own. I will email descriptions of the talents and knacks available to you when you are ready for advancement.

Skills require much more time to advance than Talents. If you have the Legend Points available, you need only meditate eight hours to increase any Talent you already know by one rank, with a limit of rank 15. Skills, however, require as many weeks of training as the rank you are trying to acquire, and are limited to rank 10. Trainers typically require 25 silvers a week for each rank they have in a skill.

You can also buy advancements to your base attributes, but you can only buy one advance per circle, and no more than five advances in any attribute. If you pass through a circle without buying an attribute advance, the opportunity is lost. They are the most expensive advances, but they are well worth it in my opinion, as an improved step in one stat will increase the step of all talents and skills that are based upon that stat.

Cir. 1-4
Cir. 5-8
Cir. 9-12
Cir. 13-15

There are some unusual sources of Legend Points in Earthdawn. First, you can sell your journal to the Great Library of Throal. They usually pay a sum of silver equal to one-tenth of the Legend Points you earned in the adventures described. Because others will read your journal and learn of your achievements, everyone in it also gets a bonus of 5% of the Legend Points they earned in the adventures described. The journal must be written from the point of view of your character, and I, your GM, must recieve a copy.

If you compose original verse describing the legendary exploits of your character or group, that will also grant you a Legend Point bonus of 1.5% each time you gain a new Legendary Status. The verses must be original and not mention anything that does not fit the setting. I don't care if you crib your melody from modern sources, though -- anything from Waltzing Matilda to The Ballad of the Green Berets to Soundgarden is fine by me. All such journals and verse will be posted on the campaign pages, typos, spellos and all /}:^D

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