Arkanabar's Earthdawn Campaign
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Arkanabar's Earthdawn Campaign in the Keep

These pages are for the people playing in my Earthdawn campaign in CyberCon. I know, I've been saying in the Keep for a long time, but there is a serious limitation in the Keep's dice rolling software. It CANNOT combine a roll of differently sized dice. Anyone wanting to roll step 9 (d6+d8) would have to type /roll d8 and then /roll d6 and then add (or wait for me to add) the results. In Cybercon, one can just click the little dice icons at the bottom of the page. Please, everyone, select a light color, that contrasts nicely with Cybercon's black background.

Invitations are from Mysti only. I'm using Cybercon instead of OpenRPG because a) I know and sorta like Cybercon, and b) not everyone knows, likes, or even can use OpenRPG because it depends on Python.

Unlike nearly every other group and clique based in the Keep, this one is NOT going to be free form. It's going to be played in the Earthdawn setting. Everyone is expected to create an Earthdawn character, and follow the Earthdawn rules for them. Some of that will have to be done in IM or chat with me. I use MSN, AIM, and ICQ, and you can get my information from Mysti in the Keep. I will expect you to use Cybercon's dice-rolling features for all your tests, but I am exempting myself from this and using real dice, as I may have to roll for several characters at once. Also, I am adding a house rule--anyone can ask me to roll any test for them, though they should do so in advance. You can even say, "GM rolls all tests for me by default."

Once you have your invitation from Mysti, start with the History of Barsaive, then the Character Selection Page, then talk with me via IM, chat, or email about assigning stats, talents, skills, and resources. The equipment list, Stats Table, and Advancement Table are only really useful when making or changing your character. I suggest that you keep your character sheet page and the Step Table open while playing, in addition to your Keep window. Whether you keep the Combat Rules and Spellcasting Rules open is entirely up to you. Thread Magic and Blood Magic are used only rarely, but they are important to know about.

Map of Barsaive

The History of Barsaive

The Calendars of Throal and Thera

Creating Your Character

Giving Your Character Life

The Statistics Table

The Advancement Table

The Equipment List

Travel and Services

The Step Table

Combat Rules and Modifiers

Spellcasting Rules and Explanation

Thread Magic

Blood Magic

Lifestyles in Earthdawn

Explanation of the Character Sheet

Azleia's Character Sheet

Garathe's Character Sheet

Kami Denegar's Character Sheet

Rinquo of the Land's Character Sheet

Yawen's Character Sheet

Zelgibar's Character Sheet

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