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Also Known As:

Description: Human Female, aged 21, long blond hair, green eyes, 5'9" tall, 135 lbs, muscular & athletic build, swaggers a bit, stands erect but relaxed, attitude is mildly challenging, dress is currently rather plain.

Discipline: Swordmaster 1

Dex: 19/8
Str: 13/6
Tough: 14/6
Per: 11/5
Will: 11/5
Cha: 16/7
PD: 10/20
SpD: 7
SoD 9
MV: 90/45
Init: 8
AR: 5/1/0
DR: 36
UR: 28
WT: 10
Rec: 3/1
Max Karma: 40
Karma Cost: 6
Karma Step: 5
Race Ability: Versatility
Avoid Blow1Dex1NN9
Karma Ritual1---T1
Melee Weapon3Dex0DY11
Wound Balance1Str0NN7
Speak Language(1)2Per0N7
R/W Language(2)1Per0Y6
Knowledge Skill1Per0N6
Knowledge Skill1Per0N6
*Versatility and Talents learned through it do not count
toward circle advancement.
(1)Speaks Throalic and Human
(2)Literate in Throalic

Permanent Damage:

Carry: 105 lbs
Lift: 210 lbs
Current Load: 57 lbs
Gear and Permanent Threads
Broadsword, 3#
Dagger, 1#
Padded Leather Armor, AR4/0/0, 20#
Buckler, AR1/0/0, 5#
Backpack, 3#
bedroll, 2#
flint & steel, 1#
torch, 1#
waterskin, 3#
large sack, 1#
Clothing: wool cloak, plain brooch, plain shirt, plain belt, plain breeches, soft boots.
Belt Pouch, 1#
10 days' food, 12#
10 sheets parchment
Vial of Ink, 1/2#
Calligraphy Quills
map case, 3#
whetstone, 1#

Legend Points Earned: 100
Legend Points Spent:

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