The Calendars of Throal and Thera
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The Calendars of Throal and Thera

The most common calendar in Barsaive is the Throalic calendar. It is twelve months long, with each month being divided into six weeks of five days. The months are Named Raquas, Sollus, Reag (REE-ahg), Teayn, (TEE-ain), Borrum, Doddul, Strassa, Veltom, Charassa, Rua (ROO-ah), Mawag (MAH-wahg), and Gamhil. There is a one-week interregnum at the end of the calendar between Gamhil and Raquas; this is increased to six days on leap years. The calendar starts on the winter solstice. Date notation is typically along the lines of 12 Borrum 878 TH, which means the twelfth day of Borrum in the 878th year of Throal's founding. Dates during the interregnum are noted as I/1-5 (I/1-6 on leap years).

The Theran calendar uses the same months in the same order; however, it starts on I/1, which is the summer solstice. They also use a modified notation, favoring something like 3/2 Borrum 436 TE. This is the third week of Borrum, and the second day of the week, in the 436th year of the Theran Empire. The Theran calendar starts I/1 1 TE, which is about 4 Strassa 442 TH.

The Calendar of Thera The Calendar of Throal
Interregnum Week (I/1 is the summer solstice.  This is a holiday week in the empire.
Raquas (The Festival of Fish, in Vivane, runs from Raquas 6/2 to Raquas 6/5) Raquas (1 Raquas is the winter solstice; the rainy season in Barsaive starts with Raquas)
Sollus (Kypros' birthday is Sollus 5/4, which marks the start of 2 full days and 2 half days of celebration Sollus
Reag (Reag 6/2 is the Autumnal Equinox; 6/1 in Leap Years Reag (Reag is known as the Weeper's Month in Throal; it marks the anniversary of Throal's sealing in 1050TH, and Bartertown sees 3-4x the normal amount of ghost activity)
Teayn (Krillra mating season starts about 1/4 Teayn (vernal equinox is 2 Teayn)
Borrum Borrum
Doddul (Winter Solstice is Doddul 6/3 or 6/2; Therans mark renewal of the seasons with feasting) Doddul (The rainy season in Barsaive ends with Doddul)
Strassa (start of Barsaive's rainy season) Strassa (Summer Solstice is 4 Strassa)
Veltom (Kypros' appointment is celebrated Veltom 4/1 & 4/2 in Vivane Veltom
Charassa (Vernal Equinox is 6/4 or 6/3; Festival of the Waters starts early in Charassa when the Vivane River starts to rise) Charassa
Rua Rua (Autumnal Equinox is 4 Rua; krillras mate about 10 Rua)
Mawag Mawag (The Vreedickar Competition of Song starts 4 Mawag in the Floating City of V'strimon; entry fee is 300 silvers)
Gamhil (end of Gamhil marks the end of Barsaive's rainy season Gamhil
Interregnum week
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