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Also Known As: Gar, the Kid.

Description: Male elf, aged 19 (ie, just hit elven puberty), 4'7", 92 lbs. Tan skin, platinum hair, featureless white eyes.

Discipline: Wizard 1

Dex: 14/6
Str: 9/4
Tough: 13/6
Per: 19/8
Will: 15/6
Cha: 13/6
PD: 8
SpD: 10
SoD 7
MV: 70/35
DR: 35
UR: 27
WT: 9
Rec: 2/1
Max Karma: 20
Karma Cost: 10
Karma Step: d6
Race Ability:
Dark Sight
Karma Ritual1---T1
R/W Language(1)0Per0DT-
R/W Magic1Per0DT9
Spell Matrix A1-----
Spell Matrix B1-----
R/W Language(2)1Per0Y9
Speak Language(3)2Per0N10
Knowledge Skill1Per0Y9
(1)No languages yet.
(2)Literate in Throalic
(3)Speaks Throalic and Sperethiel

Permanent Damage:

Carry: 105
Lift: 210
Current Load: 46.5
Gear and Permanent Threads
Dagger, 1#
Hide Armor, 5/1/-1, 25#
Buckler, 1/0/0, 5#
Backpack, 3#
Bedroll, 2#
Belt Pouch, 1#
Clothing: Plain cloak, plain brooch, plain shirt, plain belt, plain breeches, soft boots.
Flint & Steel, 1#
Large Sack, 1#
Map Case, 3#
Parchment, 10 sheets
Torch, 1#
Vial of Ink, 1/2#
Waterskin, 3#

Spell circle threads weave attune range duration effect difficulty
Astral Sense 1 2 5 15 60 yds 10+Rank min WF+6 6+
Bedazzling Display 1 0 - 7 self Rank min Cha+6 SpD
Crushing Will 1 1 8 16 120 yds 1 rd WF+5 SpD
Divine Aura 1 1 6 14 25 yds 5+Rank min WF+5 SpD
Ignite 1 0 - 11 5 yds 1 rd fire SpD
Mind Dagger 1 0 - 7 40 yds 1 rd WF+2 SpD
Silent Converse 1 1 5 13 100 yds 5+Rank min WF 4
Triangulate 1 0 - 10 500 yds 1 rd measure SpD

Spells Descriptions:
WF is Willforce or Willpower until Willforce is learned. Rank is rank in Spellcasting. SpD is Spell Defense of the target.
Astral Sense: Casting starts the spell. Compare WF tests to SpD of nearby astral imprints; success makes imprints visible.
Bedazzling Display of Logical Analysis: This adds 6 steps to all tests based on the wizard's charisma for making arguments.
Crushing Will: This spell does effect step damage, reduced by mystic armor.
Divine Aura: The wizard actually casts this spell on himself to examine the auras of living beings within range. He makes an Effect Test against the subject's SpD; success lets him spot changes in the being's aura.
Ignite: This spell lights flammable inanimate objects. When used on clothing, it does step 4 damage the first round and step 2 damage each round until extinguished, which is resisted by Mystic Armor.
Mind Dagger: This spell does effect step damage, reduced by mystic armor.
Silent Converse: This spell lets the wizard converse with people he can see. He must make an effect test against the target's SpD to start a conversation, or start conversing with a new target. Anyone within 3' of either person can hear the conversation.
Triangulate: This spell lets the wizard measure the distance to objects he can see, to the inch.

Legend Points Earned:
Legend Points Spent:

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