Zelgibar D'grus Gisellwin
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Zelgibar D'grus Gisellwin

Also Known As: Zel, Zelgibar Trollface

Description: Male t'skrang, aged 20, 5'6", 190 lbs, blue-green skin, with deposits of dk brown/burnt umber trolthelia on his body; the most noticeable ones run under his eyes and around the outside corners.

Discipline: Nethermancer 1

Dex: 14/6
Str: 11/5
Tough: 14/6
Per: 17/7
Will: 16/7
Cha: 9/4
PD: 8
SpD: 9
SoD 6
MV: 65/33
AR: 6/3/-1
DR: 36
UR: 28
WT: 10
Rec: 3/1
Max Karma: 25
Karma Cost: 8
Karma Step: d6
Race Ability:
tail attack
Karma Ritual1---T1
R/W Language(1)0Per0NY-
R/W Magic1Per0DY8
Spell Matrix A1----1
Spell Matrix B1----1
Medicinal Botany(k)2Per0Y9
Speak Language(2)2Per0N9
R/W Language(3)1Per0Y8
(1)No languages (yet)
(2)Speaks Throalic and t'skrang.
(3)Literate in Throalic.
Short SwordS+4
Oil Flask5*1020301
@Whip entangles target on Good attack; target
must make S (9)test to free himself.
*Oil does step 5 damage for 3 rounds or until
put out.
**Net entangles target(s) which must make a S
test v. net attack roll to free themselves.

Permanent Damage:

Carry: 80
Lift: 160
Current Load: 47 1/8
Gear and Permanent Threads
Knife, 5/8#
Oil Flask, 1/2#
Short Sword, 2#
Net, 5#
Whip, 1#
Hard Leather Armor, 5/0/-1, 20#
Buckler, 1/0/0, 5#
Travel Garb: Plain robe, soft boots, belt, plain brooch, wool cloak
Backpack, 3#
Bedroll, 2#
Belt Pouch, 1#
Flint & Steel, 1#
Large Sack, 1#
Torch, 1#
Waterskin, 3#
Embroidery Kit, 1#

Spell circle threads weave attune range duration effect difficulty
Astral Spear 1 1 6 12 120 Yds 1 rd WF+6 SpD
Bone Dance 1 1 7 15 25 yds 3+Rank rds WF+4 SpD
Detect Undead 1 0 - 7 Touch 3+R min Target's WF+5 SpD
Dry and Wet 1 1 7 8 15 yds 1 rd WF+4 SpD
Insect Repellant 1 1 6 7 Touch 3+Rank min WF+5 2
Spirit Dart 1 0 - 7 25 yds 1 rd WF+2 SpD
Spirit Grip 1 0 - 7 Touch 1 rd WF+6 SpD

Spells Descriptions:
SpD is always Spell Defense of Target. WF is always Willforce, which defaults to Willpower.
Astral Spear: Causes damage, resisted by Mystic Armor.
Bone Dance: If effect test>=target's S step, target is forced into random spastic movement, else target has step penalty = Rank for all tests requiring movement.
Detect Undead: Target rolls his WF+5 vs. highest SpD of any undead within 25 yds. Success tells target how many undead there are in range.
Dry and Wet: Can soak dry things or dry soaked ones. Effect test gives number of lbs which can be soaked or dried.
Insect Repellant: Insects of all sizes must make a W test v. nethermancer's Effect roll, or leave subject of spell completely alone.
Spirit Dart: Causes damage, resisted by Mystic Armor.
Spirit Grip: Causes damage resisted by Physical Armor. Cannot be cast in areas proofed against spirits, entities, or undead.

Legend Points Earned:
Legend Points Spent:

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